May 2012

Chonburi, 26/27 May 2012


Bjorn Olav 'Mad Cow' S

Mint 'Eager Beaver' S

Martijn 'The Inseminator' S

Ride report

Venue: Sri Racha, Khao Kheow, Estate Resort.Hares: Bjørn-Olav 'Mad Cow' S., Mint 'Eager Beaver' S., Martijn 'The Inseminator' S.Dates: 26/27 May 2012Scribe: Sackashit.Breakfast with OsamaSaturday morning arose with the sun peeking through the clouds, a hint of rain in the air, and an air of wildness amongst the riders. Why? We were starting our journey tucked in amongst the various ungulates of the Khao Kheow Zoo and the primate-inspired “Flight of the Gibbon”. Our hares, two having animal monikers, ‘Mad Cow’ and ‘Eager Beaver’ were joined by their co-hare, the infamous ‘Inseminator’.One glance at the surrounding countryside and you knew Saturday was going to be a tough ride; ample topography everywhere, not a flat spot in sight.‘Hot Flashes’ words of warning echoed through our craniums as we began our jaunt…on on! Within minutes we had started up and down and up and down and up, collectively 600 meters up by the first water stop. Translated into time units, 15 minutes up walking, 5 minutes down, 15 minutes up, ad infinitum……you get the point. Needless to say, we weren’t “saddle sore” by the water stop, having spent marginal time on our bikes. Those who took the “Cows” casual remark about a “bit technical” seriously were rewarded with a amazingly challenging downhill through a narrow, rocky, rooty hollow that terminated in a hidden creek bottom which passed well for quicksand. Thank goodness for the first water stop, as most arrived hot, sweaty, dehydrated an a bit dizzy. Perhaps we can shortcut? Nope, the shortcut is the same distance as the regular route….brilliant!......#%&*&%#$....I mumbled!!After a bit of water stop cajoling and convincing by the “Cow”, who promised more saddle time on the backend of the ride, we all set out in anticipation. The riders were well-rewarded, with a nearly continuous to flat downhill with lots of twisty single-track. Way FUN!The circle was handled admirably by “Snap” filling in for the recently departed (to Bangkok) “Hot Flashes”. A major highlight and achievement, 200 rides, was notched by “Maverick” as he joined the most elite of the bike hashers. How he has remained a gentleman, amongst this crowd seems the biggest achievement of all. “Big Package” and “Carpet Burn” raised the religious fervor of the crowd, including a big group of new Thai bikers. Welcome guys! Musical highlights, including lots of new baudy hash songs were provided by “Pussy Fingers” who seemed to revel without a cause.Saturday night, the Zoo tents beckoned and after a few refreshments, the group was fast asleep. As the group slowly crawled out of their canvas cocoons, we wandered and waddled down the hill to have breakfast with Osama (I just had to use that line).As we were enjoying our leisurely meal, “Eager Beaver” broke the news that we had to check out by 11……what!!! Grumble grumbly, we packed our bags, lubed our bikes and with ominous rainclouds overhead, headed down the hill to On Out. The “Cow”, who had lost all credibility the day before, explained how easy and fun the Sunday ride would be….yeah right. How were we to know he had taken “truth serum” the night before. Sunday’s ride was a gem; lot’s of twisty singletrack, water crossings, false trails and just enough up and down to make one want to try another one. Lots of smiles after this ride, obviously well-approved by the whole pack.On On and On Paper,Sackashit ….


40.28 km, 690.0 m
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23.51 km, 312.0 m
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