Dec 2011

Suphanburi, 10/11 Dec 2011

Quaint and quiet but not too modern. Good food. Has a swimming pool.

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Val 'Furious Flat' K

Julian 'Moose Sperm' B

Chris 'Sack of Shit' O

Ride report

Venue: U Thong, 27ResortHares: Val 'Furious Flat' K, Julian 'Moose Sperm' B and Chris 'Sackashit' O.Date: 10/11 Dec 2011Scribe: Josh 'Pussy Fingers' SAfter being cancelled in October, and due to a convenient absence of a December hash, we finally set our sights to U Thong. The venue was 27Resort. It is quite a unique place, featuring a quaint 12-hole golf course, an interesting range of room options, and a zoo containing animals like monkeys and some very large Ostriches. A very family-friendly place, I think.Saturday’s ride-off met with some of the best weather you could ask for on a hash, clear skies, slight wind and even a little chill in the air. The hares warned us about thorns and punctures. It turned out to be very true. The ride started off with a mix of dual track dirt and some single track through corn fields, gradually climbing for many kilometers to a wonderful 6-7km mostly downhill track with some great technical sections. At one check, finding “the hole” leading to right trail was most elusive for some and penetration was stifled for a time. The first water stop was at 8km, don’t ask me why, I’m just a humble scribe. There was another water stop at about 20km at the entrance to a local quarry. Following that was a mix of dirt dual track, paved roads, and a little single track action. A very ride-able trail for everyone, that is, if you had tubeless tires. The total distance was about 40km.In the circle which was actually arranged in a square-shaped gathering area (shall we call it the squirkle?) there were 4 visitors and 4 new members. We honored the inventor of a new sex toy, christened a new bike, gave out a new hash name (wish I could remember it right now), and once again gave Weedeater pisspot of the month just for being himself but under the guise of some random hashing violation. Dinner was quite good and entertainment for the evening was a full lunar eclipse, perfect for a bunch of lunatics.Sunday’s weather was also excellent. Once again we had lovely, clear, blue skies, but a little more wind than Saturday. The ride began with several kilometers off-paper. Some may have been a result of false trails, some may have been the result of false brain cells, but eventually we got on track. As soon as we did get on track, we were greeted with a full-on cattle stampede, luckily going in our direction. Yee Haw! There was a mobile water stop followed by terrain similar to Saturday’s ride, but a bit flatter and about 12km shorter, a true relaxing hangover ride.Furious Flat’s desire to ride the trail he hared, his lack of tubeless tires, and his failure to delegate someone to handle the food resulted in a famine which lasted almost 1 hour! We had to resort to drinking Australian beer to get our nourishment. Shame on you, Val! There were 4 new members on this ride obviously with their eyes on the goodies offered at the AGM ride. After an eco conscious person picked up a thrown-away inner tube, stored it in her shorts, and then whipped it out in the circle, she was aptly named Recycled Rubber. Cheers.Overall, this was a good hash. Nice terrain, quiet resort, excellent weather. It might be a good location to come back to in the future.On on,Pussy Fingers.


41.37 km, 428.0 m
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26.43 km, 272.0 m
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