Nov 2011

Kanchanaburi, 19/20 Nov 2011


Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Ken 'Sees Wood Gives Head' G

Ride report

Venue: Pongsuda Resort, Sai Yok, KanchanaburiHares: Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W, Annie 'Agony Aunt' M and Ken 'Sees Wood Gives Head'Date: 19/20 November 2011.Scribe: SackashitYes the famous 50-year flood or "nam tuam" was heading south through Bangkok leaving but one long, trafficked and arduous journey to reach the resort. Never mind, as my handy GPS sat next to me with the coordinates of our resort firmly locked in. All was well until we reached the final few kilometers and crossed over to the west side of the river only to find after 20 minutes of searching that, despite the coordinates, our resort was on the east side. Not wanting to try the amphibious capabilities of our formidable KIA van, we arrived at the resort with 20 minutes to spare. I was not the last rider to arrive (more on that later). Ready at the mark, most of the riders were ready to venture forth.After a quick change, I joined the other intrepid hashers. At the briefing the hares informed us that this was a shorter Saturday ride, knowing well that that didn't mean easier. For what is saved in distance was earned on hills, twisty, rocky single track and breathless bamboo forests. Fun? You betcha. Hot? Hotter than November should be but nonetheless it was good to be back in the saddle. After a couple of good hours of sweaty riding, the water stop beckoned. Several riders affirmed that it should be near when a wayward rider informed us, to our dismay, that the turn was 2-3 km behind us at a fork.....but we were "on paper". Reversing direction reluctantly, we ventured back in search of the "rolling water stop". 20 minutes later we arrived, parched, overheated and a little dizzy. After re-hydrating, we rolled on, personally opting for the "easy" route back which was a jaunt down quiet country roads, arriving at the resort at a comfortable 5:30. The first-timers who rode alongside earlier, opted for the tougher route arrived in the dark, post-circle and somewhat spooked by the experience. Welcome to the team Nightriders,The Saturday Circle was lively with Carpet Burn and Big Package taking turns doling out religion. The wandering GPS crowd (lost and found) received their blessings with a special citation given to All Suck, No Blow who arrived after a 10-hour journey (2 cars), with dog and girlfriend Sarah still both smiling (Azumi, they are both keepers)! Abundant citations were noted and suitable libations and scorn were shared among the gathered. One highlight of the evening was a unique, German double naming to two of newer members, now proudly known as Useless in the Sack and Shitty Wheels. Lacking our usual Hash Music, Bacteria Butt admirably stood in and delivered an entertaining repertoire of tuneful jibes.Sunday morning came quickly and it soon became apparent that our already small group had been diminished further. With the thoughts of 6-plus hour drives ahead of them, the more distant souls ventured off. Still, a galant group was still up for the challenge and the hares delivered a superb ride. When hare Agony Aunt mentioned train trestles and heights during her briefing, a few raised their eyebrows in consternation. And so it began, after an easy 5 km, we straddled the rails on a Bridge Over the River Kwai. Access was made easier by a thin metal plate welded between the rails, even then only a few attempted to ride, put off by the imminent, and not inconsequential, vertical drop. And so on we rode and the trail got better and better culminating in a good hour of forest single track, not too steep, not too twisty, just a great blow through the woods, fabulous!Afterwards a small circle ensued with the usual suspects recognized/honored (I do hate double down-downs). Of note, another couple naming, Laura (whose kickstand was down most of the day) and husband Ed, who were given the descriptive monnikers "Need a Screw" and "Can't Screw". I'll bet the kickstand get's fixed this week.Well, another hashing weekend is behind us. It was great to be back on the bike after a several week hiatus.On month's ride is December 10-11 in U-Thong. Hope you can make it. The January ride is the AGM (when the new committee takes over) and will be in Kaeng Krachan, always a good area to ride.


38.2 km, 482.0 m
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35.46 km, 247.0 m
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