Feb 2011

Chiang Mai, 19/20 Feb 2011

Ride report

Venue: Chiang MaiHare: Andrew Bond.Date: 19/20 February 2011.Scribe: Marielle.Things were different…We didn’t go down there in a van on Saturday morning, but flew in on Friday afternoon.LPR wasn’t there to rent a bike from or do some last minutes repairs. So people searched all over town for rentals and ended up on downhill bikes wearing full face helmets. That must limit whistle blowing possibilities.The Saturday ride didn’t start from the resort, but we were transported uphill in a sawngthaew first, thank god for that. Let’s always do sawngthaews when there is an uphill.There was a briefing that left you convinced that you would probably end up with a dislocated arm which you would have to put back into place yourself while hoping that the local hill tribes would be kind enough to help you stop the bleeding from extensive wounds until finally maybe the hare would find you.There was a lot of downhill, something I could get used to.There was not a lot of whistle blowing as most people choose to hold on to the handlebars while going downhill at a 45 degree angle, instead of informing their fellow hashers of where to go, very selfish.There was a very fast short cut which brought you to the circle 2 hours before everybody else.There were visitors that refused to get into the circle.There was a water stop just before the end of the ride.After the candlelit circle on the shore of an idyllic lake you could take a sawngthaew, ride your bike back to the resort, or take the hares motorbike for a spin.There was democracy… riders were to give ideas for the Sunday ride on Saturday and we could discuss the roll off time.There was wine in the circle, god knows why.And finally there was the general agreement that we should do this again, next year!Onon. Marielle.


32.82 km, 541.0 m
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30.83 km, 561.0 m
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