Sep 2010

Kanchanaburi, 25/26 Sep 2010

Ride report

Venue: Felix River Kwai ResortHares: Glen "Camp Gynaecologist" C and John Mugford.Date: 25/26 September 2010 .Scribe: Andine.Hi there one and all!!First of all I would like to congratulate the Hares for the results of their sterling efforts.These weekends are not just a bike ride, but a whole luxurious experience!I'm sure many of us look forward to these experiences as being the highlight of the month!The Felix resort was lovely ... and abundant with fountains and pools!The swimming pool(s) are lovely as well ... and were enjoyed by a few of us on Sunday afternoon after the festivities were completed.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday morning brought the usual preparations and greetings as we all met once more, with great anticipation. Pretty soon the instructions were given and the paper chase was on!As expected, the ride took us into the hills, through a variety of paths and roads. A few checks allowed people to re-group and have a short rest. The verdant countryside was a delight after the streets of Bangkok ... The first water stop was the usual experience ... with anticipation of more great track a major incentive!The trail led towards the ring of limestone mountains that decorate the Kanchanaburi area and create a magnificent backdrop to this city! The trail did some prolonged climbing and we were soon rewarded with a magnificent descent in wooded terrain.There was lots more to go, and it was getting ever hotter out there!The scrub was thick in places.Hawthorn trees made sure that there were abundant punctures for those who were still using tubes!We even spotted some wild animals! It was a very pleasant ride indeed ... With some paper chasing I came home with 58 ks on the clock!The ride was followed by the customary circle .. and then we all went and got cleaned up for dinner on a floating barge on the river .. A wonderful venue!Just some of the girls all together! .... Lovely!!Sunday was more of the same ... another 32 ks for me ... The pool was a delightful way to relax after such an outing.A most enjoyable weekend in great company!This retirement gig is hard work!Best regards to one and all. ... Already looking forward to seeing you at the next one!Andine!


49.88 km, 820.0 m
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28.81 km, 241.0 m
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