May 2016

Chonburi, 28/29 May 2016

Plenty of activities are available for hashers at the hotel. It has a large swimming pool, gym, coffee shop, two restaurants (international and Japanese), pool table, spa/massage, ...

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Francois 'Explosive Diarrhea' G

Marcel 'Pump Friction' S


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Ride report

Ride no.:- 486/487 28/29 May 2016Hares:- Francois 'Explosive Diarrhea' G, Nicolas, Marcel 'Pump friction' SLocation:- Phanhin Regent Resort, Sri RachaScribe:- Sack o' ShitThis month’s hash began on a sad note with the news that our beloved friend John “The Pope” Earl had passed away on the day before after a battle with cancer. The Pope clocked up 137 rides with BHHB (making him #13 on the most rides list). Besides taking part in the rides he helped a lot behind the scenes, often bringing those vital components of a Hash - beer and softies. He formed part of several hare teams, and when he was on the hareline we knew we could enjoy chilli dogs when you got back from the ride. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to those close to him who will now have a gap in their lives. Prior to the Saturday morning rideoff, we had a minute of silence to pray, reminisce and think of our friend.Last weekend’s hash at the Phanhin Regent Resort in Sri Racha proved to be an excellent addition to the bike hash locales and one I expect we will use more often. The hotel is new and the rooms were sparkling clean (at least until we showed up) and the food was the best I had ever had on a hash; dinner included a sushi bar and lots of fresh seafood. I often judge a restaurant by its coffee and at Sunday morning’s breakfast they brewed up an excellent pot along with an excellent choice of edibles. Several people, notably TEAM GROUP SEX, raved about the massages….hmmm.Our ridership was down for this month with many of our FRB’s participating in the Singha River Kwai Adventure Race. At the rideoff, which was moved up by one hour to 12, there were only about 45 registered riders, however there appeared many more “wheels on the track”. Perhaps the early start had everyone fooled a bit. At the circle, Hash Cash was busy with many of our delinquents! Forested, jungly and sometimes sandy (very, very) the tracks laid out by the hares were fun interesting and variable. Saturday’s ride showed off one very long slightly downhill singletrack that went on forever (or so it seemed); lots of smiles on that one.Sunday’s (redeye) flight…er ride, began at 8 am and it took its toll. We were down to 35 riders. Oh lots of bleary-eyes at that time; another cruel joke by the hares? And so it began…another adventurous crossing of the “under construction” highway, a hard left turn and we were back into the forest. After a few quick nip and tucks the group arrived at the first check, which took an inordinate amount of time (mostly because most riders don’t ……CHECK). Hmmm, or whistle for that matter. “No Meat” a lesson is in order! I was off checking the western perimeter with “Shoulder Shock” and “Tender Nuts” and never heard a whistle but finally rode back to the check to find the group gone (as usual). A circle offense was committed when “Hareless Balls” who broke the check, then misinformed (?) other riders as to whether he actually did or did not break the check and exactly where the trail went. This was duly noted and penance was paid.The Sunday “rolling” water stop was at a scenic location on the shore of a lake and everyone seemed to quite enjoy the time. At the lake surrounded by fellow hashers, a highlight, which lead to another “circle” moment was when Group Sex #1’s phone rang to the jingle….”I’m a gummy bear”. The crowd went wild! I expect the ring tone may have been changed by now.Till next time amigos!Sack of Shit


32.0 km, 539.0 m
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21.0 km, 257.0 m
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