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Unknown, 28/29 Jul 2001


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Rides no:- 135 and 136   Date:- 28/29 July 2001Location:- Sam Roi Yot National ParkHares:- Andy Leslie and Craig BarratScribe:- Peter 'Bald Eagle' CoeshottIt’s kinda nice to sit in a sala, with a sea breeze blowing and looking out through coconut trees to a sandy beach. Behind us a backdrop of high, wooded hills. This is the travel brochure’s picture of a tropical paradise and they are not wrong.Well, what is wrong with all this: something must be upsetting this idyllic existence. Two things really: my hangover, of which no more, and the BHHB with their loud shirts and clanking chains. Yup, the Bike Hash has come to Pranburi, right on the beach, close to Sam Roi Yot National Park.Some arrived Friday evening and inevitably drank too much beer. Nothing unusual about that. Good to see the GM and his brother, who is JM, of Samui Running Hash, who had come up to see how to lay a Bike Hash before laying their own in Samui.Keep an eye open in the newsletter and e mails for details of the first Samui Bike Hash. Currently the idea seems to be for those interested in going to fly down and send the bikes down by truck. Apparently the passenger (Songserm) ferry has stopped so the option of going down by train is not really on at present.At about 1300 our new GM in his designer, show-the-thigh shorts called the Hash to order. We set off along the coast on a pleasant sandy trail with a new millionaires’ row of large houses with swimming pools being built on our left and the sea to our right .We headed north for quite a while before reaching a check that took us even further northwards. We continued on riding through beautiful scenery with a range of high and steep hills on our left. After about 15 kms, the first water stop. Lovely, generally flat countryside and nice wide laterite-type trails. Also a pleasant stretch of tarmac road.Then we came to the short and long trail divide. Of course all us brave souls took the long trail. Yeah, did we ever. Up, ever up we went. Thank the lord that about 20 of us were so unfit that we all stopped for a rest at the top. Brilliant view of a very large swamp (possibly the largest lotus growing swamp in Thailand / world?} and behind that another range of stark hills.What's this? It’s Marty riding back up the hill towards us, followed by a merry band of puffers and panters pushing their bikes. Serve you right lads (for there were no women - sensible people that they are) for rushing on in the front: it was the cruelest U turn I've ever seen. Yup back down the hill (mountain) we go and on to the short trail.Water stop. And so to home with an easy ride. Yeah.Now picture this, you are on a nice trail through orchards; home is at about 11 o'clock and there is a check. Someone has broken the check through to the right on a small trail straight into a range of mountains. No, cannot be. But they are calling On On ahead. So casting doubts aside, to the right some of us go, on paper. Hhhmm, what this, people riding back and bikes and bums disappearing into the bush on a tiny, near vertical goat's path - on paper.And our gallant band of mountain (the correct word) bike hashers were led by no other than our Joint Deputy Grandmaster (Female).Well this writer wasn't buying that and pushed through the bush for about 500 metres to find the trail come in from the left and the Hares with some other Hashers.Says this writer: "You caught quite a number there who have gone up the mountain through the bush". Interesting say the Hares, "We haven't been up there; we never laid a trail there!"Who laid the trail?? It’s the stuff of an Agatha Cyclist mystery.  Is this the answer?Thanks to Anthony (Agatha) Akerman who took the pictures and comments: ‘ that the answer may be with the little girl who is holding shredded paper ‘ But who broke the check to the right towards the mountain?From there a fast cross-country path to the main road and then a sprint down to the resort on the coast.Circle on the beach. Quite a number of new spokes and visitors, including the two visitors from Samui; Noriega for joining the connected world with e mail; Porn for her birthday; farewell to Matt Dowshen who is off to Brazil ; to the busted financiers, etc And it would be remiss not to mention the GM's new sex toy: the singing and dancing lobster. Yeah.On On On held in the resort with a barrel of beer and massive amounts of food. Mugs for 25 rides to Ken and Simon. Down down also to the resort owner for his birthday. Birthday cake for Porn. The evening is perhaps best described by Frank Noriega's face next morning - not a pretty sight.1030 Sunday morning saw us off to the south on a flat ride through coconut trees, along the road, past shrimp farms at the foot of the hills. A little bit of some of the back riders following the in-trail and meeting the front riders half away round. Back via a winding path through coconut trees to a lovely house set in its own isolated grounds by the head rock at the end of the beach. Then approximately 2 kms back along the beach to the resort.Short circle with down downs for the two front riders who had the temerity to do the proper course and meet the Grand Master going round the course the wrong way. Farewell again to Matt Downshen; various sinners. etc.Great weekend in fantastic surroundings. Many thanks to the Hares for their time and efforts in putting on such a successful bike hash.